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Success Stories

Posted 04/25/12
24 – Hour Convenience Store Rejected

Warm Sands members attended planning commission meetings and contacted their city council members to state their opposition to this store. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to oppose the plan. The company planned an appeal to council however soon after letter writing began they withdrew their appeal on April 25th.

Posted 08/01/2011
Seven Warm Sands Blade Signs Installed

Our seven new blade signs were installed today, with new street signs as well. The City was right on top of things and worked quickly to make this happen. Many thanks to Dale at Desert Paradise Resort who paid for three of the signs himself.

Posted 06/27/08
Sidewalks along Ramon Road funded!

Today we received good news from City Hall. The city was awarded grant funding from the Riverside County Transportation Commission in the 08/09 fiscal year for the proposed sidewalk on the south side of Ramon Road. The grant is in response to the WSNO priority list and a letter to the City Engineer dated 1/24/08 requesting the addition of sidewalks on Ramon Road. The total project cost is $123,900 with the grant for $92,900 of the cost. The city will pay the remaining costs.

Posted 01/18/08
“Jungle Red” Sculpture is installed on Warm Sands Drive

On January 18, 2008, the Warm Sands sculpture installationwas underway. The artist himself was there to guide the huge steel pieces into place. Due to the weight and size of the sculpture, a crane was used. The following day, the red and silver paint was applied. The sculpture was named “Jungle Red” after the nail polish color Joan Crawford made famous in her 1939 film “The Women.”