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  • East Sunny Dunes Commercial Area Landscaping Pedestrian/Bike Friendly project – Improve the commercial area between South Palm Canyon and Palo Fierro. Improvements should include new sidewalks, bike lanes, shade trees (palm trees ok) and storm water infiltration.

  • Landscaped center median on Ramon Road – Construct a landscaped center median along Ramon Road between Indian Canyon and Sunrise Way.

  • Underground Power lines/High speed data transmission – Underground power lines and allow for high speed data transmission. Begin in west side of the neighborhood where views of the Tahquitz Canyon are obstructed.

  • Tahquitz Creek Trail Master Plan – Provide for improvements within our neighborhood that would better link us to the Tahquitz Creek Trail. This would include bike lane improvements and traffic calming on Camino Real (connections to Warm Sands Drive via Parocela) and Palo Fierro. It would also include improving bike lanes on Sunrise Way and South Palm Canyon between Ramon Road and Tahquitz Creek Trail.

  • Indian Trail Landscaping project – Sean Lockyer has donated a landscape design. $750.00 has been granted to completing this project and $150.00 additional has been promised. A line item has been established within the Palm Springs Community Fund allowing for additional donations that are potentially tax deductable. The neighborhood organization would like to see a ground breaking on this project. A historic marker/plaque included in the improvements might be appropriate.