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Warm Sands Neighborhood Committees

Communication/Outreach To New Members
This committee will

1.Build awareness of the WSNO by developing and updating a neighborhood web site, newsletters, and other communications to current members and residents in Warm Sands.

2.Foster recognition and understanding of WSNO by distribution of new resident welcome packets that includes important information about getting acquainted with Palm Springs, and our neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch/Crime Prevention
This committee will address crime in our neighborhood and other matters that may affect the safety of the residents by:

1. Purchasing Neighborhood Watch Signs and placing them through out the neighborhood.

2.Developing a Neighborhood Watch Program that includes minimum of one member per street.

3.Communicating closely with the Palm Springs Police Dept. concerning awareness of suspicious activity relating to drugs, vacant homes, gangs, robberies, etc.

4.Meeting monthly on the first Sunday of each month. E-mail pswarmsands@yahoo.com for details.

Traffic Calming/Code Compliance and Clean up
This committee will address traffic issues and work with neighbors to resolve code compliance issues that negatively impact the cleanliness and beauty of the neighborhood by

1.Working with the Palm Springs Unified School District to identify areas of concern for children’s and safety on the streets in Warm Sands.

2. Working on a traffic study to analyze current traffic situations and how to improve them. We are also partnering with the two neighborhoods south of us, TRENO and DENO, to analyze one square mile of traffic issues that need to be looked at.

3. Holding monthly meetings on the fourth Friday of the month. E-mail pswarmsands@yahoo.com for details.

Historical Preservation Committee
This committee will research the history of our neighborhood, its built environment, streets, and past residents. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact us by e-mail.

Beautification Committee
This committee will identify areas in the neighborhood that need restoration and beautification by

1.Pursuing the WSNO Sculpture Project, an outstanding example of neighborhood/municipal cooperation. This sculpture project is currently in progress and updates will be posted regularly.

2.Working to identify other public land and submit proposals to the City to beautify them.

Social Gatherings/Fund Raising Committee
This committee will plan social events to bring residents of the neighborhood together in a casual setting and develop events for raising funds to support the organization.